You are in control no matter when or where!


W-Alert gives you a real-time insight in all your systems without having to build anything. Plug an play and you are connected via any device anywhere you are.

Why do you need W-Alert?

Today any service is the outcome of a chain of digital events. If anywhere in the chain something fails, you want to find out before your customer so they will experience an outstanding service.

  • Retain your customers
  • Monitor your systems
  • Anticipate Customer Behaviour
  • Deliver
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Take charge of your landscape on premise and in the cloud. Because the digital transformation has no boundaries.

Listen to Logs

W-Alert allows you to listen to your log files. So any warning or error will be sent to your device.

Cloud Native

You can either subscribe to W-Alert in the Cloud OR on premise depending on your needs.


W-Alert REST API allows you to directly send Alerts from within your applications/BPM.

Efficient Search

Searching on any criteria.

How W-Alert works

  • 1. Download

    You download W-Alert and W-Agent from our website.

  • 2. Configure W-Agent (Log Files)

    Set up W-Agent on your server to start reading your log files for errors.

  • 3. Access Control

    Set up your user accounts with our Management Console to authorize information flow.

  • 4. Start Listening

    Install W-Alert app and log in to start listening!

Get in Touch

Have feedback, suggestion, or any thought about our app? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will get back to you in 24 hours.